The principle activity of the Foundation is making seed grants in support of pioneering efforts that have the potential to make a significant contribution to our field but that have had difficulty finding support from more conventional funding sources. In addition, we have supported the Yoga Science Project of our Director. Recently, we’ve entered into a research contract to explore means to a wider collaboration in contemplative science.


[The views expressed by our grantees do not necessarily reflect the views of the YSF.]

1) Organizations doing pioneering work in yoga science.

2) Publication of important original translations from the yoga traditions.

3) Scientific research studies on yoga at major university labs.

4) Graduate Stipends for university programs in yoga science.

Yoga Science Project

This project was initiated in 2007 to explore the possibility of yoga and science getting together and yielding an “offspring”—something like the “hybrid” referred to by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Director’s website documents this ongoing process. Going forward, the site will feature periodic updates, the latest of which is our Director’s “Yoga Science Memoir” (pdf ~130p) describing how “the offspring” appeared gradually in his life.

Contract Research

This type of project will allow us to explore target research areas in greater depth. Our first contract looks at the feasibility of developing a more robust collaborative infrastructure for contemplative science drawing upon lessons learned at CERN. Wolfgang Lukas recently completed his PhD there and is inspired to combine that experience with his keen interested in contemplative science. Learn more at