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To explore within the global community of spiritual practitioners, scientists, visionaries, mathematicians, philosophers, artists, educators, and other well-trained and deeply thoughtful people for those who resonate with a yoga science for the common good. We are currently focused on identifying innovative scientific research projects worthy of support and on supporting individuals who may be qualified to pursue yoga science at the highest levels.


  • Director: Scott Virden Anderson MD (
  • Secretary: Newcomb Greenleaf PhD
  • Treasurer: Susan Pottish


The Yoga Science Project was initiated by Scott Virden Anderson in 2007 with support from the Yoga Research & Education Foundation (YREF) and documented initially on his personal website. In early 2010, the board of YREF elected to change its name to the Yoga Science Foundation and to dedicate the organization to the development of yoga science.

Our Logo:

This spiral aims to convey the confluence of the cool blue currents of yoga-awakened consciousness from the East and the warm red currents of scientific creativity from the West and how their meeting spawns the yoga science vortex.  It is patterned after Descartes’ logarithmic spiral based on the golden ratio, phi, dubbed by Jacob Bernoulli as Spira mirabilis—the marvelous spiral.  It depicts a vision of the “scale re-entrant fractal vortex” as the “end-on view” of a line laying out all possible time scales.  As such, it is a symbol for the totality of experience in any moment across all the sixty+ orders of magnitude of the All Time Spectrum and is thus a symbol for awareness fully-awakened to its own nature as pervading all of experience in every moment and, simultaneously, "expandable" in scientific terms as the (backwards-looking logarithmic) time spectrum.

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